Simple interest

Simple interest is an educational math game. Here, you can learn and solve a lot about investment and tax on coins. You will be able to find a representative number from a simple question of interest and use it to calculate the correct answer. In entertainment, learn relevant knowledge.

Simple interest’s game content

In Simple interest, you will be given some simple questions that interest you, and then you will answer them. The substances involved are relatively wealthy. The main body is knowledge about currency interest. According to the topic, you will click on the coin in the drawer and get the correct answer. However, many questions have multiple correct answers. If you make a mistake, you need to put the coins back and start again. You will get one point for each topic you do correctly.

Simple interest’s game features

It is an educational puzzle game, which can improve the relevant knowledge about currency calculation in entertainment. If you do the wrong thing, you don’t need to start again, just reset and start again. It is very free, and you can play the game without downloading any plug-ins. If you are sensitive to numbers, Simple interest can bring your talents into play.

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